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I have always loved colour and form.  I remember lying in the grass as a child watching the clouds pass over and making stories and animals out of them.  

Then when i was told (the oh so familiar story ...) that i was not good enough to do art at high school, I stopped everything and did not pick up a brush till i was 30.  I have always found that times of profound change in my life have been followed by great surges of creativity.

I grew up in Central Otago and Dunedin and in 2019  shifted to West Melton in the Selwyn District of Canterbury.  

The photo is of me in my 'happy place' on my paddleboard in the beautiful waters of Cass Bay.  Since taking up paddling many of my art pieces now reflect my love of the ocean.  

I have recently joined Arts Canterbury and enjoy the feeling of community, support and diverse talents of the artists.   

I hope to continue to learn, evolve and embrace whatever comes my way in life.

Ele x

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